Chloripet is a unique formulation made from electrolysed water. It is an environmentally friendly, gentle, and completely safe disinfectant that is perfectly designed for use even by those with sensitive skin, breathing difficulties or allergies. Despite being kind to those that use it Chlorisal is still highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well as suppressing pollen.

One of the constituents of Chloripet is Hypochlorous Acid, which, when it reacts with oxygen in the air gives off a tiny amount of free active chlorine, which is what you can smell.

Chloripet disinfection products are mainly water. In fact, roughly 99.8% water. The only other ingredients are salt (Sodium Chloride) and the active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid which accounts for only 0.026% of the total.

FAC stands for ‘Free Available Chlorine’ and in the case of Chloripet Disinfection products, such as Chloripet Hand Sanitiser, FAC comprises two components, Hypochlorous Acid (about 245ppm) and Sodium Hypochlorite (about 15ppm). The reason why we express these two components as FAC is because it is a more accurate statement about the concentration of the active ingredients. The ratio between these two components will vary slightly depending upon the pH, but the overall FAC value stays the same.

The basic process for manufacturing Chloripet involves passing an electric current through a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride) contained in a chamber fitted with a specially designed membrane, this process is known as electrolysis

The basic process for manufacturing Chloripet involves passing an electric current through a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride) contained in a chamber fitted with a specially designed membrane, this process is known as electrolysis


The electrolysis process has the effect of separating the salt solution into two different solutions, Anolyte and Catholyte:

– The Anolyte has two main active elements: one is Hypochlorous Acid, the other is a tiny electrical charge that is place on every molecule in the solution. This charge is known as the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Together they form an extremely effective disinfectant.

– The Catholyte is a very effective cleaner/degreaser, which is sold as Chloripet  Clean

Put simply; when Chloripet (electrolysed water) meets bacteria, the Chloripet molecules cause an imbalance on the cell surface, breaking down its defenses, allowing the Hypochlorous Acid to render it harmless. For typical applications Chloripet will perform at least 30 times faster than the best household bleach, plus it is also very effective at killing viruses, all without the use of harsh chemicals making it suitable for the whole family

No! No toxic chemicals are used in the production and there is nothing toxic in the concentrations supplied. Chloripet complies with the requirements of the European Biocide Regulation EU528/2012 Product Types 1 – 5 which means it is not to be harmful to Humans, Animals, or Plants. It has also been tested to EN901 as being fit for human consumption in drinking water . This makes Chloripet suitable for use throughout the family home to help keep loved ones protected.

Chlorisal is the most versatile of all disinfectants. Since it is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi, without damaging environment and it is entirely human compatible, it can be used almost everywhere where disinfection or sanitisation is required

None! Chloripet leaves NO residue; in fact, it destroys biofilm and hormonal residues and then simply evaporates

Chloripet is not specifically formulated for human consumption however it can be used to disinfect water for drinking. In In 2015 Electrolysed water was approved by the Secretary of State under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 for use in public water supplies.

Chloripet’s gentle formulation means that it should not hurt your eyes. If you do get it in your eyes simply rinse well with tap water.

Nothing! No harm will come to you, your animals or your children through using Chloripet. Once Chloripet is in the air that you breathe, it kills the bacteria, viruses, spores, and pollen, so that it actually provides relief for those suffering with certain respiratory ailments

Very! Chloripet will achieve a 99.9999% reduction in bacteria in less than 30 seconds.

Chloripet is best kept in a cool dark place and in its original container

Chloripet products should be used within 12 months of purchase. If kept as recommended, Chloripet will remain active for at least 6 months after opening, maybe even longer. Keep away from sunlight, avoid storing in a hot place or leaving open-to-the-air which will cause Chloripet to degrade over a shorter period. Avoid repeatedly opening and closing the spray or refill bottles. Best practice is to use the sprays until empty then refill.

Chloripet is not a registered medical device and therefore is not designed to be used on open wounds. Its gentle formulation however will not harm you if you should get it on an open wound. In fact, our research suggests that in addition to killing the bacteria likely to cause an infection, the reactive oxygen in Chloripet may stimulate DNA synthesis and cell division, potentially accelerating the repair of the wound.

Chloripet will not harm your plants, in fact people have reported that spraying cut flowers extends their life and enhances their fragrance.